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We have been designing and making industrial moulds since 1960

We produce and sell rubber, rubber-metal and expanded EVA: this is just a technical definition of our work. Processes such hot vulcanization, mixing natural and synthetic polymers, moulding and finishing are the productive counterpart of our passion.

First of all, passion for handicraft work – since 1960 – and for the work of each individual dedicated to sport, leisure, well-being, electronics, heating and health.

This is why we design and make industrial products for our customers as if we were making them for ourselves. We know no other way of turning what may seem a mere dream into reality. Ours and yours.



Expanded EVA

The Mittech network – Together to offer more

A network means protection and opportunities, for us and for our customers. We are a closely-knit network, as close as the continuous interaction between the six independent yet cohesive companies of which we are composed. Day after day we offer innovative, more competitive products, a wider range of skills and global service from a single source.