Rubber items

Industrial components

Resistance, flexibility, lightness and safety. These are the essential characteristics requested by this sector which can be obtained by means of various varieties of polymers (including EPDM, NBR, NR, SBR, VMQ) used by themselves or together with other materials. The mixtures can be «customised» to suit various customer specifications or other sub-contracting demands.

Sports and leisure

Safety and reliability are required by various end users, professional athletes and amateurs alike. Flexible and universal products have just the right features to be easy to use and enhance performances even during extreme sporting activities in hostile environments or under difficult conditions.


Softness and comfort are essential to enjoy a beauty or health treatment to the full. The rubber used must also be completely waterproof and offer long-lasting flexibility as well as being compatible with the customer’s aesthetic design requests.

Medical equipment

Gentleness and hygiene are essential requirements that must be satisfied when designing and producing items for this sector. This is why special certified rubber and strictly controlled and tested production processes are adopted to ensure the well-being of users and of medical staff and to resist to chemics (used for sanitising and cleaning purposes) and biological substances that must not impair the material’s resistance and compactness.


For this type of item special attention is paid to the resistance of materials and components to particularly intense and repetitive processing cycles under various environmental and prescriptive conditions. In fact, these products are made using a diverse or specific range of silicone polymers that can be transparent or coloured to favour immediate identification for safety purposes or merely for aesthetic reasons.


Resistance to high temperatures and better wear and aging resistance. These are the main features requested for this type of product that is often bonded to metal and must also guarantee safety and good looks because it is used on domestic heating equipment.



Expanded EVA