In compliance with the international ENI ISO 9001:2008 standard, subsequently updated to the international ENI ISO 9001:2015 standard, fifty years of successful, reputable and reliable experience have resulted in us obtaining TÜV-NORD certification, bearing witness to the exactness and quality of our company’s production processes in all its phases ranging from design to the production and sale of technical items in rubber and rubber-metal.

From our company’s viewpoint this achievement fosters a path of growth and technological innovation which started in Turin in 1960 in the sector of moulding various rubber mixtures and continued over time through a propensity for transparent management and solid relations with customers and suppliers. A small business that now projects its skills on an industrial scale.

A company accustomed to communication

«The key to our success is constant communication with our customers. There is no such thing as the perfect recipe that solves any problem. We gauge solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ unique functional, aesthetic and operational requirements».

«The mindset and experience of an artisan are a sure advantage for our company. Because our main ability is that of solving problems, not of merely making products».

Our historical brands


The logo of the first, original company headquarters in Via Battini, in Pescincanna, Fiume Veneto, founded by Lino Padoan and his wife Alda, parents of the company’s current owner Stefano.


Logo of the operational headquarters in Via Battini, 46 in Pescincanna, Fiume Veneto where Stefano Padoan joined the company and where the warehouse was moved to.


The logo of our current headquarters in Zoppola to which the operational and sales departments have been moved. The registered office is still in the original business premises in Pesincanna.